We organise and carry out all types of training: classroom, online, interactive courses, video courses and e-learning platforms of video courses for companies, hospitals, training centres and acupuncture schools.Who can benefit from this training?Therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseurs and many other health practitioners. Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture is a quick and painless form of acupuncture. Surprising results are seen from the very beginning. It takes less than five seconds to check the effectiveness. Another test called a Scratch test can be carried out before the insertion of the needle to ensure the correct point and therefore a positive result.


Six areas of stimulation

Training that includes supervised practice is essential.Certificates are not awarded to students who have not completed and passed a practical test at least three weeks after the training course has been attended.  This time period is important as there are a high percentage of errors made immediately following the teaching and practice is required to perfect the technique.  This test can be done on-line.To preserve the purity of the art and the technique, Joseph Carri was evaluated and “blessed” by his professor, Dr. Huang Li Ming , a direct student of Dr. Zhang .